Today in Israel

Today I traveled by bus to the south of the country.  I like traveling on Sundays and seeing all the soldiers going to base.  Here are a couple of pictures on the bus and the scenery at our break.

Israel has had another outbreak of terrorist attacks.  There have been 6 in a 24-hour period.  As I write this, I know there have also been attacks in the United States…New Jersey, New York and Minnesota.  It is hard to fathom that people still call Islam a religion of peace!

But we know that in these times evil will be called good, and good, evil.  The changes have come about so quickly.  I remember when Baruch and I were first married, almost 30 years ago, that he said that he saw the end times like water going down the drain of a bathtub.  Think about when you pull the plug.  At first the water swirls around slowly, but then it picks up speed and at the end, it goes down the drain very, very quickly.  And so we see things moving in the wrong direction at a very rapid speed.

There are many things to pray for today:  those injured in the terrorist attacks, Israel and the United States, ourselves that we would remain strong and faithful.


5 thoughts on “Today in Israel”

  1. I don’t think an entire religion should be condemned because of its participants’ actions. A lot of evil has taken place by individuals in the name of Christianity but that doesn’t make Christianity a religion of evil. It’s the person’s individual beliefs and actions that are wrong; not the religion itself.

    1. Dear Sharon, thanks for your comment. There is only one true religion and that is the one which worships the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and provides the Redeemer Yeshua (Jesus). All others are from the pit of hell. Therefore, I disagree with you that the religion Islam is not wrong. The Bible clearly states that it is.

      We would like to think that man is inherently good, but that is also false. The only measure of good and evil is the holy, inerrant Word of G-d. Nothing else.

      In closing, I would like to add that in Nazareth there is a large banner which quotes to Koran and states that Yeshua is the slave of Mohammed. That is a religion which is wrong.

  2. The craziness in the world reminds me of Revelation 12:9 about satan deceiving the whole world. Years ago when I first read that I thought it meant only those who don’t believe in Yeshua. After my eyes were opened to the Hebraic Roots of our faith, I realized I had still been deceived. And now, each day I discover how the shadows still influence our lives.

    Indeed, I would even go so far as to say that modern Christianity overall teaches ‘another Jesus.’

    And outside of the faith, here in America I find it shocking how blatantly blind people are. Despite all the terror attacks with the attackers giving credit to their moon deity, the federal administration and state governments just can’t – or won’t – call it what it is. And for the LGBT(?) issue, we almost are on the verge of being expected to apologize because we don’t want our young children subjected to perverts in the bathroom!

    That swirl down the drain you mentioned seems to me to be moving pretty fast!

    1. Yes, so many are deceived. It is difficult to mix with some folks any more. Even hard to go to church now, when my hometown church (in a small south-central Tennessee town) is open to everything & everybody (and whatever gods they bring with them). No need to find another church; they seem to all be as bad (or worse) than mine. A common thread in these so-called “christian” churches is that they all disregard the God of the Holy Bible (the one true and living God).

      The “do as you want” (as God has already forgiven) mentality was not always present around here. Things have changed so much during my lifetime (I am now 65 years old).

      I am thankful to have discovered the website where I can experience the sound biblical teaching by Baruch. Also, thanks to Rivka for posting “blogs” that help me to feel connected with other believers and followers of Yeshua.

      My best regards to George (above commenter) and all those who seek the one true God.

      May God bless you… and help us all to remain faithful in these difficult times.

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