Today’s News in Israel

Hello All!  I’m sure by now you’ve heard of the attack in Tel Aviv four days ago, where 2 Israelis were shot dead and several others were wounded.  The terrorist was an Arab Israeli who had stolen his father’s weapon.  His father was a security guard here in Israel.  The father has been cooperative with police and is asking his son to turn himself in.  The son is still on the run.  Police and the IDF are still searching.

Today in Jerusalem there was the stabbing of a 15 year old Israeli teenager.  Thankfully she was only lightly hurt.  There was also a terrorist attack thwarted.

There was also a roadside bomb detonated at the Israel-Lebanon border, near IDF troops.  Thankfully no one was injured.  Israel has retaliated.

There are many opportunities to pray for Israel as we seek to keep our borders and citizens safe.  (And with constant criticism from the rest of the world).  Thank you for remembering Israel in your prayers!

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