Torah Dedication

Baruch was one of the featured speakers.  The man next to Baruch was translating into French.  There was also Russian translation. Oleg Hazan, the congregation’s leader, with their new Torah Scroll.

This past Saturday began Shavuot.  It is traditional to study all night and we did that last year at our study center.  This year, we were invited to participate in a time of praise, worship, study and dedication of a Torah Scroll.

The service began at 8:00 pm and ended around 2:00 am.  Tzachi Shapira, of Ahavat Ammi, was there.  His organization donated the Torah Scroll.  We were very happy to participate in this exciting event.

Approximately 80 Africans from South Africa, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, and other countries were there as well.  They wanted to participate in this joyous occasion and added so much to the service.  One man translated from Hebrew into French.  You can see him in the photo above.

That evening, two men invited us to come to their countries for Baruch to teach.  We will be looking into adding India to an existing trip and also Cameroon.  Please pray as we continue to discern G-d’s will for all of our travel and meetings.  We want to make our first trip to Africa, as our television program is broadcast throughout the continent on Faith Broadcasting, GOD TV and Daystar.

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  1. what joyous event! Baruch’s teaching is a breath of fresh air to me, inspiring and enlightening, it almost has a cleansing effect on me every time. blessings to you and your family and may he keep you safe on your travels so you may bring the gospel to many nations yet! Shalom to you both

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