Travel Day

Images from Ben Gurion airport.

Today we traveled to Cluj, Romania, where Baruch will be teaching a Conference; and he will also film the next set of our television shows as well as part of a special project.  I will be blogging more about the project very soon.

Many of you email me about when new videos are posted on Vimeo.  I want to tell you the process.

First, Baruch tapes a batch of shows in a studio in Cluj, Romania.  I have blogged from there and shared pictures from behind the scenes.  Second, the videos go to production, where they are made ready for broadcast (attaching the intro and exit, etc).  Once that is done, we upload them onto Vimeo. Therefore, the set of videos are put up usually all in a day or two and then there is a big space of time until the next set is put up.

I hope this is helpful.  We appreciate very much the interest in and response to Baruch’s teaching.


Romania…from above.


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