Travel Days – In Israel

Rothschild Street and the Rothschild Hotel, both in Tel Aviv.

Saturday night we had a good meeting at our study center.  We then had our Live Stream.  I really enjoyed chatting live again with some of our viewers!  The study at our center begins later in the evenings this time of year, due to Shabbat ending later.  This past Live Stream, we began studying the book of Exodus.  You don’t want to miss it.

On Sunday, I traveled to Tel Aviv to meet with our eldest daughter, who lives there.  She works very hard and has a great job in her field.  She was interested in hearing about our trip to Cambodia and India.  She has been to India and provided some of her film production skills for two non-profit organizations there.

Yesterday I took the bus to Eilat.  The temperature here today was 104 Degrees F!  I actually enjoy the ride down.  It is about 6 hours’ bus ride from our city.  The trip through the Negev (desert) is beautiful.

Baruch has been taping programs for our YouTube channel.  He is beginning a new series on I Corinthians.

Tonight Baruch is taping an episode of our radio show “Lost in Translation” which airs on Sirius XM.  I will be taping a Biblically Inspired Life episode and hope to have it posted tomorrow.

I also wanted to remind you that all the videos from the San Diego conference have been uploaded onto our YouTube channel.

We are beginning some new series of teaching.  We hope you’ll join us!


LiveStream:  Exodus began this past Saturday night

Television Broadcast:  This week begins the book of Philippians

Extra teaching NOT on television:  Beginning I Corinthians

We have some exciting things coming up and we look forward to sharing with you!

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