Tuesday’s Pastors’ Conference/Luncheon

Paul and Mia 1

With Pastor Paul and Mia Kim, from Glory International Church in Sydney.

On Tuesday, August 28, Baruch spoke at a Pastors Conference/Luncheon in Sydney.  This event was attended by many pastors and those who coordinate ministries. The event was sponsored by CVM Group, Derek Prince Ministries and Glory International Church and included a beautiful lunch.  Baruch taught on the leadership of Nehemiah.  At the end of the luncheon, the leaders were given the opportunity to ask questions.  They appreciated the teaching and how Baruch teaches the Bible without “spin”.

The lovely setup at the Veteran’s Club.

This was a great opportunity to make a personal connection with leaders who are concerned about the spiritual condition of the people of Australia.  Through sharing Baruch’s teaching, we were able to solidify some relationships and hopefully find ways to work together on future projects.

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