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Our time in Florida was quite busy, so I apologize for this late summary! While still in Central Florida, Baruch recorded two new radio programs. “Lost in Translation” is our radio broadcast which can be heard on Sirius XM radio channel 131 Family Talk. The show is comprised of a half hour teaching followed by a discussion.

We then headed to South Florida, where Baruch taught Friday and Saturday at Olive Tree Congregation and then Saturday evening at Congregation Beth T’Filah. We have known members of both congregations for about 28 years. It was a nice time of study, worship and fellowship. Both congregations are supporters of Love Israel and we appreciate them very much.

On Sunday, Baruch spoke at the morning service at Miami Shores Baptist Church. We have known pastors there for many years and we appreciate the support they provide to our work as well.

We are now visiting our elderly parents and then will be heading to our final stop, Madisonville, Kentucky. We are holding a conference there on Saturday. The conference begins at 9:30 am and ends around 4:00 pm.

INDONESIA. We have established a new office in Indonesia. We know a couple involved in ministry there who have agreed to oversee this new outreach. They have hired for us a person to place subtitles onto our English videos. She has created an Indonesian YouTube channel called “My Bible Study” in Indonesian (Belajar Alkitab Saya). We are very excited about this work and would appreciate your prayers for Alice and the supervising couple.

ISRAEL STUDY TOUR. I want to remind you that our Israel Study Tour will be this coming June. We hope you can make plans to join us. This will be our last tour for awhile. Here is the link to all the information:


GLOBAL PRAYER TEAM. Just a reminder for those who wish to sign up to be a part of the Global Prayer Team. Send your name, time zone info and time you wish to pray to: pray@loveisrael.org.

2 thoughts on “U.S. Update”

  1. When are you coming again to Chicagoland area again? Hopefully this year sometime. Ok, just wanted to ask that question; and let you know that your ministry is in my prayers, as i see a great work for the glory of God.

    1. Hi Joe! Thank you for asking. It’s not on the calendar but we will keep in in mind to see what we can do! Blessings!

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