Picture taken while I was out walking today. Can you believe the bee in the middle of the photo? It was sunny and 70 degrees F today!

Today was a very productive day. Baruch has been taping videos and also had to go to Tel Aviv. When we travel, he still wants to have {simulated} Livestreams and also the Genesis videos uploaded. So, he has to do extra taping when we are in Israel. He also taped 4 very short videos for Romanian Team. I uploaded those to our LoveIsrael.org Facebook page.

Next week, we will be in Jerusalem and Eilat. Baruch will be helping a messianic leader from Romania to inspect a Torah scroll.

The taping of the two radio shows went very well. We are hoping these will become a regular show.

I have finally completed the tour brochure for our December 2-11 LoveIsrael.org Study Tour of Israel. Once it has been posted on our website, feel free to contact me if you have any questions. We are looking forward to another full group and hope that you can join us. December still has great weather in Israel. I know that many people do not want to tour around in the hot summer weather, so this would be a great tour for those who like it a little cooler.

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