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Last night, we went to our study center for our weekly Bible study.  Baruch did a study on the time of year Messiah Yeshua was really born, which was late Spring.  We find in the Luke account that Yeshua was conceived in the 6th month on the Jewish Calendar.  Therefore, if we add 9 months, we arrive at the 3rd month of the following year.  We then continued our study in Isaiah.

At midnight Saturday night, we held our weekly Live Stream, “Midnight from Jerusalem.”  Each week we have more and more live viewers.  We enjoy chatting on the Youtube Live Chat and also sharing on our Facebook page.  Won’t you join us?

Today would be a great day to join Bible Study Company and also join the LoveIsrael.org group.  Don’t wait until Saturday after the Live Stream to join.  It is free.

This is a good time to think about how you want to ramp up your walk with the L-rd this year.  Participate in a study group?  Start studying in-depth a particular book of the Bible?  Increase your prayer time and include specifically a time of intercessory prayer?

Let’s pray about how to deepen our walk with the L-rd in 2018!

4 thoughts on “Update from Israel”

  1. Hi Rivka

    Hope you are well.

    I’m confused now….refer the info below…which 3rd month is Baruch referring to on the Hebrew calendar….if its Kislev, then Kislev falls in winter i.e. Nov / Dec….if its late spring then its Iyar….

    Kislev kis-lev כסלו The third month of the Jewish year (29 or 30 days, Nov-Dec). Holiday: Kislev 25, Hanukkah. Iyar ee-yar אייר The eigth month of the Jewish year (29 days, Apr-May). Holidays and observant days: Iyar 4, Remembrance day. Iyar 5, Independence day. Iyar 18, Lag Ba’omer. Iyar 28, Jerusalem day.

    Bless you Karin Plaatjies 064 903 8389

    1. Hi Maryanne! We do not have that explained anywhere in English. However, Baruch says that he will write a brief summary of it and I will publish it here on my blog. We are leaving Tuesday for a 13 day trip to Romania, where Baruch will be teaching over 30 different messages! Therefore, I don’t know exactly when he will have time to do this, but it will be posted here when done! Blessings!

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