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The Dan River, on the northern border of Israel. One of the sites we will see on our Study Tour!

Tomorrow begins our LoveIsrael Study Tour! This will be a smaller group, yet we have people from the U.S., Canada, Romania, South Africa and Australia. I think it looks to be another great group. I plan to blog as much as possible during the tour, as I have on the others, and hopefully I will film a video as well.

I have posted a new video on the Biblically Inspired Life YouTube channel, entitled “Midlife Without a Crisis”. I hope you will head over there and watch it. If you are not subscribed to my channel, I would appreciate it if you would.

Link to YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aD2LKD2nxxM

Last night we had a time of study at our center. We continue to make our way through the book of Isaiah. We have gone through this prophecy chapter by chapter and verse by verse and next week we will begin chapter 56.

If you are not joining us for our weekly Livestream, I’d like to encourage you to do so. We have people who watch and comment on Facebook and also those who sign in on YouTube and comment as well. It is a nice time of community as we study together, LIVE.

UPDATE: After expressing our concern and regrets concerning the Tokyo conference, the organizers rescinded the invitation to the theologically unsound speaker. Therefore, we are going to the Tokyo Conference the beginning of May. We are grateful that they reconsidered inviting this person who would infect the attendees with unsound doctrine. Our contact with the committee was very grateful for Baruch’s stance and we are so thankful that it made the impact that it did!

6 thoughts on “Update, Information and Plans”

  1. Hi from Romania! I am very thankful that I discovered you. God inspired you, and you inspired me and other people. Thank you Rivka and Baruch, be blessed.

  2. Christopher Morrison

    Excellent news about the Tokyo conferance! I believe prayer and the Holy Spirit was deeply involved in this situation.

    Blessed is he who comes in the name of the L-rd!


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