Update: Terror Continues

As I sit here, I’m listening to Israeli news reporting on a terrorist attack at the Beersheva Central Bus station.  Two terrorists were able to enter the station and stab and shoot travelers.  They just announced that one Israeli (Jewish) has died and several others are wounded.  This is a bus station that I pass through often; it is surprising to me that they were able to make their way in to carry out these terrible acts.

The number of terrorist attacks have averaged about 5 DAILY.  There have been some acts of heroism.  I was very impressed with a soldier girl in Tel Aviv who was stabbed in the HEAD, yet had the presence of mind to fall on her gun and hug it so that the terrorist could not steal it.  A passing Air Force soldier saw what happened and immediately got out of the car and was able to shoot and kill the terrorist.

These terrorist attacks are very difficult to fight.  There is no planning to the degree that Israeli intelligence can intercept.  Israeli citizens who have gun permits have been asked to carry their guns at all times.  They are helping tremendously.  Just yesterday, on Shabbat, a private citizen (who was carrying a gun) was coming out of morning prayers in Hebron when he saw an attack and was able to kill the terrorist.

Please pray for Israel as we seek to carry on and yet have to be extra careful.  I would also suggest that you check out Israeli news sources and not rely upon international news.



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