Update/Recap/Heading Home Today


Last Thursday evening, Baruch spoke at Manastur Baptist in Cluj, Romania.  There was a very good crowd there and Baruch taught on Hebrews 4:1-11.

Afterwards, we went to the home of close friends for food and fellowship.  Please pray with us for the people of Romania.  There is a lot of corruption in their government (yes I know there is in all governments) but there is a movement in a direction which should cause concern for those interested in human rights and religious freedom.  The country has made so many wonderful improvements since the fall of Communism.  It is a wonderful country and we pray for the people there.

On Friday, we flew to Moscow.  On Shabbat, Baruch taught a conference on the nature and character of the anti-christ’s empire.  It was well-attended and there were some very good questions.  The people have invited us back already.  We are hoping that through these contacts, many more people will find our television program on CNL.

Michael, who teaches the weekly Parasha at our study center in Israel, translated the Hebrew into Russian for the conference participants. A few of those in attendance knew Hebrew and a few were learning it now, desiring to immigrate to Israel.

Tonight we fly home.  We are looking forward to the meetings and Skype chats we have this week.  Baruch will be teaching this Erev Shabbat (Friday night) at a Messianic congregation in our city.

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  1. I will pray and pray for your future travels & safe return. Is there a certain scripture I can pray and meditate?

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