Vietnam Part 1

Scenes from Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon):  A woman selling food, colonial architecture, night lights, and a street lined with bookshops.

Our time in Vietnam is coming to an end.  Early tomorrow morning we catch a flight to Singapore.

We have learned so much on this trip about Vietnam and its current situation.  Currently, the Vietnamese leadership is cooperating with the Chinese government and there is a renewed crackdown on religious freedom.

We were informed that if we had said on our visa application that we were coming to Vietnam to teach the Bible, our application would have been rejected.  If we had listed our contact, the religious leader, he would have been investigated.  We found out that this leader has been imprisoned 21 times!

Over the years, spies have been sent to their congregation.  Many of them became believers, so the government quit sending spies but still monitors the congregation.  For these reasons, there are many underground churches.  This particular pastor met secretly for 5 years to earn his Master’s Degree in Biblical Studies.

Time is getting short.  Doors will be closing.  We felt an urgency to spread Bible truth and we were honoured to teach these students who know that persecution will follow.

I will share more in my next post.

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  1. Michael Pritchard

    Your bravery in entering the lion’s den to teach the Word of G-d is breathtaking. It is so sickening that our nation, who fought a war to prevent Communist dictatorship from ruling the people of Viet Nam now falls all over itself to import their lousy furniture and anything else to improve their economy in the name of globalism and commerce while they persecute the People of G-d to protect their godless regime. Shame on US for this. Our foreign policy toward them should reflect exactly the freedoms these countries are willing to allow their people. Muslim countries take note. Do not insist upon Sharia Law in America, and freedom to plant subversive mosques everywhere when you condemn Christians in “Palestine” and every other muslim country. Two way street or no street. Baruch, keep speaking out frankly and honestly about the danger of capitulation to “world opinion” and Muslim Oil pressure on our treatment of Israel and its people. We get it and thank you for it!!!

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