Vietnam Part 2

Some of the people we met in Vietnam.

We were blessed by the students and leaders we met in Vietnam.  They are serious about their faith and want to learn and share about the L-rd.   On our flight from Vietnam to Singapore, I sat next to a 19 year old boy from Vietnam.  He asked me to tell him about Israel.  It was very sad that he did not know about the Bible at all.  Nothing!  I think most of us who are from the West assume that people know something about the Bible, G-d, Christianity, etc.  We need to be aware that there is no foundation to build upon for many people.  The entire foundation must be built first.

Last night we were told of a new law which was just passed in China.  It is now illegal for any male child, aged 16 and under, to go to a church.  Illegal!  This is the same government which is becoming more and more influential in Vietnam and the surrounding countries.

We are so honored to be a part of the educating of new leaders in the believing communities in Asia.  We will be meeting with administrators to see how we can further assist in filling this need.

Right now, the Vietnamese government is annexing some areas in the northern area of the country which concerns people that Chinese industry will move in there and also, the government just passed a law that digital media industries such as Facebook and Google will be required to store the data of Vietnamese users in Vietnam.


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  1. Thank you! Rivka for this reminder on how fortunate the West is to have the freedom to read our Bible. However, it is unfortunate how most take advantage of this and don’t read the bible on a daily basis. I will pray for these countries and will pray for you, Baruch and your families, and that G-d will open doors to these communities on whatever assistance is needed for them. Many blessings!

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