Waiting in Bucharest and Team Update

In the Bucharest Airport

We arrived safely in Bucharest! This layover gives us a great opportunity to get work done. I also have now tasted Coke Zero with lime! Very good!

We just received a Facebook Messenger call from our Romania/Eastern Europe team leader George. He has traveled to Lovech, Bulgaria today to meet with the local contacts for our upcoming conference there (April 23-26). George makes great effort to go ahead of time to these cities of our regional conferences to check on the preparations and promotion. Today he took a great friend of his and ours’, Daniel from Bucharest. We appreciate Daniel as well.

The facility looks very nice and can accommodate many people. George told us that the people are very enthusiastic to hear Baruch teach the Word of G-d.

Tomorrow Baruch will be taping the next episodes of the book of Matthew.

5 thoughts on “Waiting in Bucharest and Team Update”

  1. Good day. Is any conference of dr. Baruch in Bucharest? If yes, tell me please, when and where? God bless you and the whole team!

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