We are at the Scene!


Our Seder table.  Friday, April 19.

We do hope that you all had a wonderful Seder and joyous Resurrection Sunday.  How wonderful to have these very important events commemorated the same weekend!

Baruch and I are now down at the Red Sea, the scene of the Exodus!  I look forward to at least dipping my toes in it tomorrow.  The water is surprisingly cold year round!  I will share some photos with you tomorrow.

This week will be quite busy as we tape some shows while here in Eilat.  Here is our makeshift studio!


I will also be taping a Marriage Mondays with Baruch.  [Hint] It will be a discussion about a couple in the Bible who had a good foundation for their marriage.  If there is time, I will also tape a second video for the Biblically Inspired Life.

Next week, our LoveIsrael.org Study Tour of Israel will begin.  We are looking forward to another wonderful group of people and also working with our friend and guide, Naftali.  These tours feature teaching by Baruch at each site.   Participants bring their Bibles and notebooks each day and take many notes as we study the Word of G-d and visit sites featured throughout the Bible.

Our next tour will be December 2-11 this year.  There are still spots available for those who are interested in a time of intense study at the sites where many Biblical events occurred!

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