We are in Romania

Yesterday I arrived in Romania.  With the discount airline, I could not arrive the same day as Baruch.  He will join me today, flying in from Kiev.

This trip will be very busy.  Tomorrow we have a meeting with CredoTV, the Romania Christian television station.  They will also be interviewing Baruch.  Then in the evening Baruch will be teaching at a large church.  Friday evening and Shabbat Baruch will be teaching a conference and then we will be visiting a Messianic congregation we have developed a relationship with.

Sunday morning Baruch will be speaking at one congregation and then we will be traveling with some very good friends to another town where Baruch will be speaking Sunday evening.  That same church will be hosting a day-long Pastor’s conference on Monday, where Baruch will be teaching all day.

We would ask that you pray for Baruch and his teaching and also for those who will be attending the events.  We are very excited to be in Romania again.  The people are all very kind and interested in learning the Word.

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  1. Elizabeth Seymour

    Am always keeping you in y prayers and praying for your ministry to greatly increase and richly be blessed x

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