We arrived in Johannesburg, South Africa!

We arrived!  We were very excited to land in Johannesburg, South Africa.  Tracy, who helps with the Bible Study Guides, and her husband Harry [pictured above], greeted us at the airport and brought us to our hotel.  We enjoyed a lovely dinner with them at the hotel.

On Friday, Lee, who writes the Bible Study Guides as well as the daily Bible Studies, and her husband, Ian, arrived.  [I have a special photo coming of them in an upcoming blog post]. This was our first opportunity to meet them in person.  The six of us enjoyed tea together and then prepared for the evening conference.

This conference was promoted via social media, our My Bible Study app, and word of mouth.  There were approximate 40 people at the event, which is quite nice for a first-time event.  We met a couple of people who we have communicated with via email and social media.

Music had been organised but changed at the last minute.  We appreciated Harry, Lizette and Rob stepping in and doing a great job leading us in praise and worship.  On Friday evening, we welcomed in the Shabbat together and Baruch taught one session on an overview of Biblical passages related to Shabbat and the second session covered Exodus 17, which was from the Torah Portion.

On Shabbat, we held 4 sessions.  Baruch taught on Zechariah chapter 3, Zechariah 8:1-8, Zechariah 9:1-9 and Revelation 21:1-7 “The New Jerusalem”.

We believe this was a great start to our first-ever South African visit.

7 thoughts on “We arrived in Johannesburg, South Africa!”

  1. Thank you for the update ! Praying HaShems Blessing on your time there, open hearts to receive HaShems Truth, good health and safe travel ! ❤️🙏🇮🇱

  2. We so appreciated the special time together with you and Baruch ,Lee and Ian .

    Baruch’s teachings are always life changing in growing our relationship with Our Messiah

    1. Tracy, wonderful to meet you and Harry in person! Thank you for the time we spent together and picking us up at the airport! Thank you for all you do. Blessings!

  3. is it Joshua Aaron who didn’t show? He is very blessed with talent and his music really expresses the depth of his spiritual commitment.

  4. Congratulations on your South African event and visit! May the LORD bless you with more and expanding oppurtunities to shine the Light of Yeshua and welcome Shabbat with many nations! Shabbat Shalom from Japan!

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