We’ve Been Busy!

Last month, we were in the Netherlands for our annual Amsterdam conference. It was great to be back there to see our friends and meet new followers of Baruch’s Bible teaching. Our team leaders, Dirk and Theresa, found a congregation willing to host our conference and to provide tea, coffee and cookies during each break. It was such a pleasant atmosphere. The people who attend the Amsterdam conferences are always serious about studying the Word of G-d. Most years, Theresa, after praying about it, selects a theme for the conference. This year she selected I and II Peter. Over the course of the 3 days, we studied for 15 hours with very short breaks between sessions.

Our last day in the Netherlands, Baruch taught in another city…Baarn. It was a lovely town and the venue was a beautiful old church which had been renovated inside. There was a very good attendance for a Sunday afternoon seminar. Again, the hosts here were also very hospitable with their tea, coffee and snacks.

One of the best parts of the trip was a meeting we had with someone who is in church leadership who is looking to work with us to bring foundational teachings into the churches in the Netherlands. He explained to us a bit of the history of the church and how being servants of the L-rd and growing in one’s faith is not truly understood. Please pray for us as Baruch develops curriculum for this project. Our hope and plan is then to disseminate this material throughout our teams to translate and provide to the many language groups we reach.

4 thoughts on “We’ve Been Busy!”

  1. Amen,! Father God will provide and meet every need through His Word and because you and Baruch are faithful to Him and His Word. I thank God for you and your love for God, his believers and for those who have not yet come to Jesus in an intimate way.

  2. You are in my thoughts and prayers! May our Lord give Baruch good and sound reasoning and guidance in his teachings wherever you 2 go! May He protect and shelter you and make your travels safe! May He grant you a long life to do your diligent work within Israel and the world around. Amen

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