What Bible translation does Baruch use?

This is one of the most common questions asked.  Baruch holds a PhD in Jewish Studies with an emphasis in Biblical Languages.  When he teaches, if he is teaching from the Old Testament, he is usinging the Hebrew text (or Aramaic, whichever the original text is) and if he is teaching from the New Testament, he is using the Greek text.  Therefore, when he is reading a verse, he is giving the literal translation from the original text.

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      1. Thank you all for everything you do. I have been teaching a messianic bible study group in Columbus Georgia for 11 years. I now study exclusively from Dr Korman’s materials. During the day I am the senior accounting manager for the Atlanta community food bank and prior to that I was a senior accountant for the Atlanta Jewish federation, both over 200 million in assets so I am only able to study at night or weekends.
        My question is how can we get plugged into your ministry so I can have full access to all your materials and be a part of your support team?
        We are at a point that I need more oversight and accountability.
        Thank you

        1. Hello Loye! All of our materials can be found on our App, My Bible Study, our website LoveIsrael.org, our other website MyBibleStudy.org. All of our videos are also on our YouTube channel. Please email me at pdutisrael.org for information about helping out our LoveIsrael.org US Team. Blessings!

    1. We do not have a program to study Hebrew. At Zera Avraham the courses are taught in Hebrew, but are not Hebrew language studies. Blessings!

    1. Baruch uses the Hebrew Bible for the Old Testament books and Greek for the New Testament books. They are not contained in 1 Bible; he uses 2 different ones. For the OT, he uses the Masoretic Text (generally) and for the New Testament he uses the Textus Receptus (generally). They can be found online at numerous sites.

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