What Israelis talked about last week

The events in Paris and outside of Paris has captured the attention of most of the world.  Certainly here in Israel it has been at the forefront of all news broadcasts.  The increase in terrorism and in anti-Semitism is of course of major concern.  The Israeli news interviewed one Frenchman who had come to Israel on Saturday night to immediately purchase a home.  He had decided that enough was enough.  We know of a man who owned a hair salon in France for several years.  After his shop had been vandalized for the third time, he immigrated to Israel and opened up a shop here.  These events are going to bring about another time of ALIYAH to Israel.  The year 2014 showed a greater number of French Jews immigrating to Israel that those from Russia!

The second story concerned the weather here in Israel.  Jerusalem and the north received snow and the rest of the country received a significant amount of rain.  Rain in Israel is a blessing.  From May to October we usually do not receive any rain, so the more we can get in the winter the better.

Many things are happening around the world which are going to bring about G-d’s plans to be fulfilled.  Let’s pray for the Jewish people to return to the land in even greater numbers!

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