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Baruch and I returned to Israel around 3:00 am on Thursday. We had 4 Skype calls that day and we are so excited about doors that are opening. In the next few months we will begin projects in Albania, Bulgaria and Serbia. We have been communicating with all 3 leaders for months. We will be traveling to Bulgaria in April, Albania in May and we are still working on a schedule for Serbia.

Today we Skyped with our Australasia Team. They are putting together quite a busy schedule for us. We are so pleased that Baruch will be speaking in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Sydney! They have also arranged for some radio interviews as well. We are also so excited that our television program is airing on ACCTV on Thursday mornings at 5:30 am – 6:00 am.

Other than a very quick trip to Romania to tape television programs, our next teaching venue is Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. We will only be there a few days while Baruch teaches a short course on the book of Jeremiah for a Bible college there. This college is in the same network as the colleges Baruch has taught at in Vietnam, Singapore and another Asian country. He will be teaching for them in Vietnam, Cambodia and Singapore as well this year. These colleges bring affordable theological training to new and future pastors. We are glad to participate in this worthy work.

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