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It’s funny how, before a fast, you have to think a lot about food!    Today Baruch went to the bakery to pick up a few things for our early dinner before the fast begins, and they were already closed.  So, out comes the bread machine to quickly make our favorite bread, made from a recipe from both of our childhoods.  Above is our “last supper” before Yom Kippur begins, as well as the bread as it was getting ready to go into the oven.

The other picture is of a large tent, constructed near our home by a neighborhood synagogue.  This is to accommodate people for the Yom Kippur prayer services.  The local synagogues cannot hold everyone who participates in the prayers on this most holy of days.  You can see all the silver-colored tubes going into the tent.  Those all pump air conditioning into the temporary structure!

May you all have a meaningful Yom Kippur!  Blessings!

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  1. You must share your bread recipe. Is that carrots or sweet potatoes? Fish or chicken? Is there a special meal that you make for Yom Kippur? Just curious. Thank you.

    1. Hi Pamela! Thanks for your questions. The meal turned out to be sweet potatoes, green beans, quinoa, chicken, bread and then at the last minute I made some gnocchi in an olive oil and garlic sauce. There is not usually a specific meal I make to eat before Yom Kippur. I usually try to make something that is not too salty, as that will make the fast really miserable! Also, because we are hungry at the end of the fast, we eat the same meal after the fast. I just heat it up once the Chag is over. 🙂

      I will share the bread recipe soon. I’m not near it right now.

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