Where Are We?


This is where we are!

We are in a cluster of towns surrounding Kokkola, Finland.  It was about a one hour flight north of Helsinki.  It is a beautiful countryside with very nice people and lots of trees and wildlife.

Yesterday we met with the leadership in the religious community here; including pastors, missionaries and elders. Baruch taught on Jeremiah 30 and they were so enthusiastic.

As the laws in Sweden turn against believers (many people here have very close ties to Sweden), the people sense the urgency of sharing the Gospel and preparing believers for the persecution to come.  They fully recognise the direction the world is headed in regard to the treatment of Believers and want to be ready.  They wanted Baruch to come to encourage and strengthen the believing community here.


At the congregation last night.

In the evening, he taught a prophetic message from Matthew 24 to a congregation here.  Again, the message was well received.

Baruch also met last night with the head of a Christian media outlet here in Finland, looking to see how we might partner with them in some way, as part of their work/ministry is to the Jewish people in Israel and Russia.

This morning, Baruch has a meeting with a missionary to discuss the work being done in Finland and Europe in general.  This man and his wife have just begun full time mission work with the Roma (gypsies) who are literally scattered throughout the world.  They migrated from India about 1,000 years ago.

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    1. Thank you Mary! We are so blessed by the people here in this area who care about Israel, the Jewish people coming to faith, and how we as believers are to prepare for the End Times as they approach.

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