Where are we?

The Lone Star State!

Today we flew to Dallas.  We are looking forward to the next few days because Baruch is going to be a guest on 3 different shows:  Marcus and Joni’s show on Daystar, Lamb and Lion Ministries’ “Christ in Prophecy” television show, and Rabbi Tzachi Shapira’s show, “Pearls of the Torah”.  We are truly thankful for these opportunities for Baruch to share words from the Bible as well as some information about our work.

Yesterday’s services were such a blessing to us.  Baruch spoke at 2 morning services and one evening service.  Several people come up to us after services to say how much they benefit from the verse-by-verse teaching style of Baruch.

We also had the opportunity to fellowship with some friends.  It is so nice when we come to the States to be able to meet with various people and hear words of encouragement. Thank you to everyone for those words.

I plan to share some pictures with you tomorrow from Daystar!

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