Why Do We Travel?

On the train in Romania

Some of you may wonder where Baruch and I travel and why we do it.  I think that is a very good question.

As English speakers, we have the huge blessing of a plethora of Bible study materials in the form of books, videos, television programs, etc.  Many people around the world know some English and are able to benefit from the teaching of LoveIsrael.org.

We are contacted regularly by people around the world asking that if we ever make it to their country, they would love for Baruch to speak at their congregation or that they would like to help put together a conference for us.

At a synagogue in Kiev

One of the places we visited first was Romania.  Through that original contact, we have gone from Baruch speaking at 1 location to 5 locations in 2 different cities.  We also found the wonderful people at CredoTV who are doing the filming and production of our English television program.

When we go to these other countries, such as Romania, the Ukraine, or the Netherlands, they provide interpreters, so that everyone is able to understand the messages.

In the Netherlands, our conferences are now very well attended and self-funded.  We have a couple who have graciously volunteered to take care of all of the arrangements and promotion for our conferences there, as well as maintain a new LoveIsrael.org website in Dutch which is currently being developed.

Because some of the places we go were very affected by the Holocaust, many of the people either do not know much about Judaism and Israel or have heard false teaching.  We are taking the opportunities to share with people teaching from the Word of G-d as well as why Israel is important today and that G-d is not finished with her.

We are very excited about the growth of LoveIsrael.org around the world and are very thankful for the people who have volunteered to promote our work and teaching.  We are hoping the model in the Netherlands can be replicated in several countries in the future.

Please pray with us as we seek where to minister in the coming year!

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  1. Shalom! We love R’ Baruch’s English lectures, but are curious to know what translation is on the screen. We hope you can answer this email. In Messiah, David & Cecilia Rivers

    1. Hi! Baruch has a PhD in Jewish Studies, with an emphasis in Biblical Languages. The translation you see at the bottom of the telecast is his literal translation of the Greek or Hebrew (or Aramaic). Translations of the Bible in English typically change the original text slightly for readability or other reasons. He is giving the literal word-for-word translation.

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