Wrapping up Albania

Tonight will be our last event in Albania. Yesterday, both Baruch and I had interviews at the Radio/TV 7 studios. I shared about Biblical Character traits for women and Influential women in the Bible. It is important for women to realize that Biblically, while women should not teach over men, we have such an important role to play in the life and health of the family, congregation, believing community and society as a whole.

With Enela Lamnica, who interviewed both Baruch and me.

In the Bible, there are many great examples of women who have shown influence, assistance and importance. I drew the audience’s attention to Phoebe, Priscilla, Anna and Lydia. As women, we should have confidence and boldness to serve the L-rd where He leads.

Today I was interviewed again. This time, I spoke about marriage and also the Biblical Feasts. I felt honored to be able to share some Biblical truth which can help strengthen marriage. Concerning the Feasts/Holidays, I explained that the Bible calls them the Feasts of the L-rd. There is so much wisdom which can be gleaned from them and they can increase our understanding of the Scriptures greatly.

Baruch was interviewed on both radio and television programs. He was asked to speak about a couple of his books which have been translated into Albanian, as well as other topics, including antisemitism, political condition in the Middle East and why we hear so little about the antichrist in the Evangelical church.

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday evenings we held a conference in the National History Museum. They museum has an auditorium which TV 7 rented out for the occasion. For these evenings, Baruch is focusing on the Last Days. This is always the portion of the Bible people want to study. There is confusion, trepidation and lack of understanding of the days which are coming, and unfortunately most pastors do not deal with it.

We would like to give a huge “Thank You” to Leda and Shayne Shelburne for putting together this series of conferences and for all the expense TV7 has taken on to make it possible.

We look forward to heading to Macedonia tomorrow!

5 thoughts on “Wrapping up Albania”

  1. Praise God for the wonderful opportunities He gives you to minister in the places you visited!
    Praying Macedonia will be eager and open to receive His Word and Truth.

    Blessings for you in your ā€œ going out ā€œ and coming in-sā€ as you leave Albania into Macedonia.

    Looking forward to the teachings in your app.

    The Lord keep you and bless you šŸŒ·šŸ™

  2. Praise G-d and I cease not to lift you all up in prayer as you continue to spread this gospel of our Redeemer Messiah Yeshua

  3. Shalom, my husband and I are learning much about the Bible truth and as far as I can tell there is no church in our area or country for that matter for us to seek more guidance.
    I pray and wait for the Lord to show us the way in this respect.

    1. i also take my spiritual food from Baruch only. i may engage in virtual worship especially on Sabbaths with Messianics, truly i love the Judaic liturgy but we cannot worship with those who do not take faith in our Lord Yeshua, the Messiah! Blessings over you and yours and may He always lead and guide you on your path! Ingrid

  4. Diane Harrington

    Thank you for the update ! Baruch HaShem for safe travel , open hearts, minds and ears as you and Baruch teach the Truth of His word.
    Blessings and Shalom . ā¤ļøšŸ™šŸ‡®šŸ‡±

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