Wrapping up in Romania


The group from River of Life, Alba-Iulia, Romania.

Sunday morning Baruch spoke in Cluj at VIA church.  He shared about the 2 genealogies of Yeshua (from Matthew 1 and Luke 3).  We then drove to a quaint town about 1 1/2 hours away named Alba-Iulia.

That evening Baruch spoke at a congregation and shared from Luke 20:9-19.  This passage is frequently misinterpreted as meaning that G-d is finished with Israel.  In reality, the Vineyard is Israel, the Husbandman is G-d, and the Vineyard Workers are the Jewish Leadership (NOT the Jewish people as a whole).

Monday, Baruch taught a Conference at River of Life congregation in Alba-Iulia.  There, he taught on Romans 10 and 11.  We began at 9:00am and ended at almost 5:00pm.  As the lunch break was winding down, we spontaneously got in a large circle and spent about 2 hours with Baruch answering questions.  The people had very good questions concerning the End Times and other theological questions.  This congregation has a great love for Israel and the Jewish people.  Just last week, they found out from a very old resident that the place they meet as a congregation used to be owned by a Jewish family and it was their home and business, which was a bakery.  They baked bread and now River of Life shares with their community about the Bread of Life!

It was very encouraging to us to visit these various congregations.  We have a presence is Romania through our television broadcast on CredoTV throughout the country and our 1335kingdom.com booklet is available in the Romanian language.


4 thoughts on “Wrapping up in Romania”

  1. Holly Carmel-Adams

    How Beautiful… Such a hunger for the truth. How you are blessing them with your dedication and obedience. Your love for HaShem inspires me and shines through each post. Thank you Rivka and Baruch.

  2. Thank you very much for the visit in Alba Iulia. I am happy to know that you got the pictures from Râul Vietii. We are very bless that God sended you to be with us, even for few hours. We still have a lot of questions for you, and you are aspected to come again to us. I had to say that I started the Mark study and follow your teaching, is very interesting to know jewish culture, my eyes started to be open. Thank you!!!:)

    1. Hi George! Thanks so much for leaving a comment. We really enjoyed our time with River of Live and look forward to our next visit, whenever that will be. Keep your questions!! Blessings!

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