Yesterday we traveled from Budapest to Cluj, Romania by train.  It is an 8 hour ride and includes two border stops (Hungarian side and Romanian side).  We enjoy the trip; we pack some food and talk and get work done.  At first we were concerned that the train might be delayed, due to the snow in Budapest, but it ran smoothly and all worked out well.

When we arrived, we went almost immediately to the location of the Conference.  The first night of the event was very well attended.  Baruch spoke on Matthew 26:1-13.  Tonight he will speak on Matthew 26:14-30.

Today we have study/work time followed by a get-together and then the second evening of the Conference.  Tomorrow Baruch will tape the next 8 television shows from the book of Hebrews and then we will have the final night of the Conference.

We were so sad to hear of the murder of Adiel Kolman by a terrorist yesterday.  He was leaving work from the City of David museum when he was attacked.  Many of you have maybe been to that museum while on a tour of Israel.  He leaves behind a wife and 4 young children.  His brother-in-law studies at college with one of our daughters.  Let’s keep this family in prayer.


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