“You only live once”

Every day I go for a 6-7 mile walk.  I use this time out to pray, think about things, and just clear my mind.  Today, while out walking, I saw a sticker someone had put on a stone wall.  It said, “You only live once.”  Do you think about that very often?  In rabbinical Judaism today, there is a teaching and embracing of reincarnation.  Of course from Scripture, we know that is a false teaching.  We know that for every person it is appointed to die once, and then the judgment (Hebrews 9:27).

Do we live our lives as we should?  It is a great gift G-d has given us.  Are we wasting our lives?  Are we focusing on things that aren’t important while throwing away the important things?

We need to pray about how to improve our relationship with our spouse, how to be a better parent, opportunities to share the Gospel.

Not long ago, Baruch and I were discussing with someone what it means to love our neighbor as ourselves.  It doesn’t just mean the huge things, but the small, everyday interactions and behaviors as well.

Someone is rushed or frazzled–let them go in front of you in line.  Opening doors, carrying groceries, smiling, saying hello.  Being attentive to those around us.  This commandment was stressed by Yeshua.

Let’s all pray that we will live intentionally, in the way G-d wants us to, according to His Word!

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