Beautiful floor mosaics from Zippori.

Today Baruch and I were with a tour group for a few hours.  One of the places we went was Zippori.  Zippori is a village and archeological site in the Galilee.  One of the notable features is the many homes which contained private mikveh.  This supports the fact that many priestly families lived there during ancient times.

Baruch taught about rabbinical Judaism and some of its teachings at this site.  He explained the Talmud (Mishnah and Gemara), the Messiah (their belief about Who He is, His attributes, that they believe He was created, and How He will come to earth.  He also explained the rabbinical thought on unintentional killing. It was new material I am sure for several of the people in the group.

The picture on the left shows the “Mona Lisa of the Galilee” mosaic.  This mosaic is found on the floor of an ancient home in Zippori.  It is called that because from whichever angle she is viewed, she appears to be looking at you.

The mosaic on the right is from the floor of the synagogue.  It was very sad to see that while there were beautiful pictures of the menorah, a shofar, first fruits, a scene of the binding of Isaac, etc., there was also a very large mosaic of the zodiac on the floor.  This mixing of truth with lies, evil, wickedness is always wrong and very dangerous.

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