Time ~ Part One

Recently, I gave a talk to a group of women in Singapore. I spoke about it previously on this blog. The subject of this presentation was G-d’s Calendar. I spoke about different elements of time in the Bible and how these important increments are observed today in Judaism. The first marker of time is the

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Perth Session One – Dangerous Theological Trends

When discussing possible topics for our Perth Conference, Paul and Claire Craven expressed their concerns about some of the theological trends in the church today. We totally agree and so Baruch talked about two of them in the conference. This video deals with Preterism. Please watch this video to learn the implications and the fallacies.

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Seoul Part 3

Our last day in Seoul was spent at the Pyongyang Cheil (Peace First) Church. Sunday at the church was very full of activity. There are 4 worship services.We were picked up and arrived at the church in time for the second service. The choir and sanctuary were both very large. After that service, we were

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